Hello Hamstrings Workout

There are many reasons why you should strengthen your hamstrings.

If you sit often, the hamstrings get shortened and weak.
If you’re a runner, stronger hamstrings will prevent injury.
If you’re a Kettlebell Sport lifter, meaty hamstrings give you more power.
If you’re quad-dominant, you should balance your body with hamstring work.

…and many more.

The kettlebell is one of the best tools to work the hamstrings!
All of the power for swinging work comes from the hamstrings (and glutes). So as you’ve probably guessed by now, this week’s workout focuses on the hamstrings… also, you get a chance to test your 5 minute Snatch number!

Check out my YouTube channel for additional kettlebell workouts, tutorials, and tips. 


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One thought on “Hello Hamstrings Workout”

  1. Good one Brittany !! The bear crawls in the squat position were , well.. a bear😝 Hit pace 22 with an 18kg bell. 110 clean reps, yes I have a video. Trying to incorporate the topside turn in an effort not to cast the lighter bells. Enjoy your workouts a bunch.
    For what it’s worth, I’m 58 and rollin’ up hard on 59. Kettlebell training is a great fit for me. Submax load for maximum reps keeps me fit and limber. I would strongly recommend Kettlebell training to my demographic of 50 somethings. Strong First, RKC or my favorite Kettlebell Sport. You have done a great job of intertwining them all.

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