Intro to Kettlebell Long Cycle

This video will take you through a basic introduction of kettlebell Long Cycle (clean and jerk). I describe the nuances of the clean, the rack position, and the jerk so you can put them all together and use them to train or compete in Long Cycle.

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One thought on “Intro to Kettlebell Long Cycle”

  1. Hey Katie,
    That wss a heloful video. Thanks.
    Quick question: I’ve been trying to improve my form on the 2 KB long cycle but the first thing to go is my grip. I’m just starting so after 15 reps I have trouble getting the bell into the rack position because my forearms are tired of flipping the bell over. I have assumed I’m trying to pull to much with arms instead if letting my legs and hips swing the bell up for me but I haven’t been able to improve. Any suggestions?


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