KB Fit Britt Warm Up Routine

Last week I realized that I don’t incorporate warm ups into the weekly workout videos I make – I’m just assuming you’re doing a warm up before you attempt the workout. However, one should never assume, so I decided to make a video exemplifying the type of warm up I usually do before I begin my kettlebell training.

An effective, well-balanced warm up should:

  • Raise your core temperature
  • Drill¬†the movements you are going to do in the¬†workout at a lower speed, difficulty level, or resistance
  • Include skill work that requires consistent practice and/or mental focus
  • Limber up your muscles, ligaments, and joints to prepare them to stretch and contract
  • Incorporate different planes of movement i.e. frontal, sagittal, transverse

What’s your favorite warm up routine? Hit reply – I’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “KB Fit Britt Warm Up Routine”

  1. We love to use the GMB elements type movements. Covers all planes of motion, warms up the wrists, opens the hips and drills straight arm strength all along side improved awareness of your position in space!

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