Snatchapalooza Workout

Calling all Kettlebell Snatch Lovers!!!

“Slow snatch” = 5 second hold at the bottom, 5 second hold at the top every repetition

We are getting Kettlebell Sport specific today. That means, training the kettlebell snatch for endurance! If you’ve never done a 10 minute snatch set, a “slow snatch” set is the perfect way to start. If you HAVE done a 10 minute snatch set before, a “slow snatch” set is the perfect way to test a heavier weight than you normally lift.

And if you hate snatching slow, guess what? You get to sprint it out with some speed snatches at the end of the workout. Plus I threw some farmer walks in there for good measure to make sure your forearms are totally smoked!

If you need help with your technique, please check out my Intro to the Kettlebell Sport Snatch video.

Will you be at the WAKSC World Championships? Please comment below. I’d love to meet as many of my followers as possible.

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