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Kettlebell Sport for Weight Loss… Effective or Not?

Guest post by Jay Trunzo from Punch Kettlebell Gym.

Most readers of this blog are familiar with Kettlebell Sport, but let’s get this out of the way for newcomers: Kettlebell Sport is a competitive event in which athletes lift one or two kettlebells as many times as possible in ten minutes. When lifting one kettlebell, one hand switch is allowed. If the kettlebell is put down or dropped by the athlete, the set ends.

Easy, right? Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or not, you’re thinking, “yeah…right.” Kettlebell Sport is one of the toughest events an athlete will attempt and yet it is strangely satisfying and rewarding. And if an athlete can hold and lift something weighing between 18 and 53 pounds for women or 52 to 140 pounds for men (competing with two bells), then it must be a great way to lose weight, right?

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