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Lorraine Patten looks back on early years of Kettlebell Sport

Hi everyone! This interview with Lorraine Patten is the fourth in a series of posts about U.S. Kettlebell Sport history. While many of us are only a few years or just a few weeks/months into lifting kettlebells, there is a small group of American lifters that were competing back in the early 2000’s who were the real trailblazers of the sport. 

These posts are meant to educate and inform about the roots of Girevoy Sport in America. 

Shoutout to John Wild Buckley for sparking the idea!

  1. What is your athletic background?
    Life long athletic endeavors.  Team and individual sports.  Mostly endurance. I spent 10 years doing martial arts – I got tired of being the class rag doll, which led me to strength training.  Every trainer I met was only interested in body building, so I searched the internet for a trainer who would do purely strength training and I found Pavel Tsatsouline. I ordered his Power to the People book and deadlifted my ass off.  I really came to trust him as a wonderful trainer.

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