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Typical eats for KB Fit Britt

I’ve had a few requests from readers about what I eat. This post is not meant to show a “perfect” diet, and it definitely does not show everything I eat in a day. Remember that everyone is different and nourishes their body in their own way.

A couple of notes about my nutritional habits:

  • I don’t subscribe to any particular diet (nope, I don’t eat paleo, whatever that means).
  • Although I avoid processed food like the plague, give me ALL the (healthy) carbs!
  • I don’t eat a lot of meat, mainly because most of it comes from factory farms which grosses me out. However, I eat meat when I feel like it/know the meat has come from a good source. I don’t call myself a vegetarian.
  • Quick and easy meals are my go-to. I eat fried eggs for dinner more times per week than I like to admit.

Here are a few examples of different options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Continue reading

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