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4-Week Kettlebell Sport Training Programs

This has been a long time coming: I’ve created a series of 4-week Kettlebell Sport training programs! So many of you have asked me for programming but can’t afford to do my online coaching, which I totally understand (it’s a big commitment).

The programs do not include technique instruction (stay tuned for a more in-depth program coming later this year), but are perfect if you already know the technique and just want a specific program geared toward a particular Kettlebell Sport lift.

My 4-Week Kettlebell Sport Training programs include:

  • Information I’ve developed from years of experience as a Professional Kettlebell Sport lifter, international kettlebell coach, and personal trainer.
  • 3x per week training program that will get you to 10 minutes in whatever lift you want to focus on (Jerk, Snatch, Biathlon, Long Cycle, or One Arm Long Cycle).
  • Warm up and accessory exercises for sport-specific strength and mobility.

You can view all of the programs here.

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Kettlebell Sport Programming Guidelines

For any sport or training goal, there are numerous methodologies on how to program to reach a desired result. Just Google any type of sport or training and you will get tons of videos and articles telling you what program is best. However, for Kettlebell Sport in particular, it can be hard to find good programming information on the internet (or anywhere, really).

I am not going to tell you exactly what my personal kettlebell program looks like. What I’m doing isn’t necessarily what you should be doing, and vice versa. There is no ONE PROGRAM that will work for everyone, especially at higher levels of training and competition.

However, there are particular guidelines that can be used to create simple templates that will work for most beginner and intermediate Kettlebell Sport lifters, which I will share below.  Continue reading

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