The best part about Kettlebell Sport…

… is spreading my passion for it to new lifters!

I had a great time teaching an introduction to Kettlebell Sport workshop at Like Minded Jiu-Jitsu in Phoenix, Arizona on April 25.


I was excited to teach a large group with a mix of kids and adults!

The day after the workshop, I had the opportunity to hike South Peak with some of my new friends – complete with a scenic view and lots of giant cacti!

Where’s Brittany?! I’m being dwarfed by the giant cacti!

Thanks so much to my friends at Like Minded Jiu-Jitsu for the hospitality.

Upcoming Kettlebell Sport workshops: 

May 2 at Ridgeline Fitness in Grand Junction, Colorado

June 7 at Surf City Fit Club in Huntington Beach, California

June 13 at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, California

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop at your gym, shoot me an email at to book.

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