USA National Records

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      1. OK, just checking. I just notice that Jeff Martone has the Mens Snatch record with 135. Even though my best in past is 220 at 74.5kg, I did show up at the Arnold and do 140 with 32kg. I guess our weight-class was the same, because I was on the #1 podium and Jeff #2. It’s not a big deal for me, since I was coming off major shoulder injury and my past is much much better, but I thought I won that day :) I am a US Citizen, but maybe I’m not eligible for some reason?

        1. Hi Valery, you are correct and I just changed the records to reflect that you are the record holder. I think that when I was looking at the results, I wasn’t sure whether or not you were an American citizen. Thanks for clarifying and I apologize for the mix up!

  1. Hey Britt, please add the following: All are from our AKA comp on 8/15/15.
    Thomas Schramm 105 weight class Snatch. 177 Snatches.
    Dave Steele, 105+weight class, 16kg. Biathlon, 225.5 points.
    Davie Tule, 63 weight class, 16kg. Snatch, 189 reps.
    Laura Kiess, 68+ weight class, 16kg. Long Cycle, tied Robin Oden’s record of 137 reps.

    Thank you, Bob

  2. Hey Britt !

    Hope all is well with you and your training is going well.

    Don’t know if this makes the Records, and it was just this weekend so it may not be up on GSPlanet yet, but in Biathlon Male 85 Kg class with the 16 Kg bells I officially got 159 Jerk and 237 Snatch with a Biathlon Total in 16 Kg bell for men 85 Kg class of 277.5 This was at the AKA Holiday Meet this last weekend in N.J.

    I hope this makes the list

    Thanks ! _Mike Sherman

  3. Hey Brittney !

    I hope all is well…Just want to inform you that Jason Riggs just broke his own Biathlon record with the 28 kg bells. in the 95 Kg weight class…..His total was 76 Jerks, 121 Snatches – Total of 136.5. It was at the AKA Texas Classic….It hasn’t been posted yet. but I was the Judge and the lifts and Record is legit !..Thanks _Mike Sherman

  4. Hey Fitt Britt

    Just finished the World Cup Las Vegas AKA and I broke my own record in Biathlon 16 Kg Men 95Kg class….You can check the records when they are posted ,but I got in Jerk 153 and Snatch 123.5 for a total of 276.5 in the 95 kg class …Which breaks my old record of 270 . You can go to the IUKL World Cup FB page and all of the lifts are recorded……Also check, I’m pretty sure some of the other records were broken in other divisions also….. Thanks ! _Mike Sherman

  5. Hi, Britt
    I’m pretty sure that we know each other from the AKA competitions. Thanks to Mike Sherman I found out about your website and AKA National Records. Great job here…
    Please, if you can add my presonal record which I broke this year at Chicago National Championship,- long cycle in a total of 60 reps in the 95+ class division weight.
    Thank you
    Marcin Koziol

  6. Hi Britney
    Two weeks ago in windy City Open I Bet My Resort in 85 kg division in long cycle, I did 74 reps 2×28 kg ,
    thank you

  7. Hi Brittany, it was nice to meet you over the weekend at the Cali WAKSC world championship. I’d like to report my snatch number: 16kg, 95kg body weight 227 reps. Strictly judged with fixation! I can provide video.

  8. Hi Brit, would you please add David Steele from Live Well Fitness to the National Record, men’s 2×20 Longcycle, 105+ weight class, Dave achieved 87 reps at the Spring Fling competition, there is an AKA results table or I can send you a link if needed, thanks.

  9. Hi Brittney I would like to add some new results Tomasz Potaczek 95kg Biathlon 28 kg CMS Rank ,snatch 142 jerk 112 ,in MIDWEST KETTLEBELL SPORT REGIONALS 2017,and my student :Jacek Kukla 95kg Long cycle 2×16 kg 118 reps Rank3 Windy City Open 2017

  10. Brittany, thank you for all the work you are putting into this site. It is a tremendous resource (The best that I have found). Your efforts are really appreciated!!

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