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When your training program works like magic…

The biggest reward of being a coach is when your training program works like magic and your student meets their goal in competition.

As a lifter and a coach, I am constantly learning new elements to writing training programs and teaching different individuals. When it comes to training for Kettlebell Sport, there aren’t many resources out there for coaches. When it comes to mindset training for a 10 minute set – which is arguably more important than the physical training – I don’t know of any resources at all. Most of what I learn and pass on to my students is self-taught, through my own experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained from my own coaches (Steven Khuong, Sara Nelson, Denis Vasilev).  I’m human and I doubt myself at times, thinking that maybe I’m too inexperienced or young or don’t have enough knowledge to coach an entire team – but this competition reinforced that I’m on the right track.

You can imagine how happy I am after all 11 members of my kettlebell team hit new personal bests at the California Long Cycle Championships on Saturday! 


Lauren 2x12kg Long Cycle 107 reps (3rd place)


Marian 2x12kg Long Cycle 97 reps (3rd place) & 20kg OALC 5 min 43 reps (1st place)


Brianne 2x12kg Long Cycle 94 reps (2nd place) & 16kg OALC 5 min 55 reps (2nd place)


Emily 2x16kg Long Cycle 68 reps (2nd place) & 20kg OALC 87 reps (2nd place)


Dustin 2x16kg Long Cycle 84 reps (3rd place)


Gary 2x20kg Long Cycle 94 reps & 24kg OALC 120 reps (1st place)


Wes 2x20kg Long Cycle 98 reps (1st place)


JJ 2x16kg Long Cycle 69 reps
Hayden 2x16kg Long Cycle 65 reps


Dan 2x16kg Long Cycle 117 reps (2nd place)


Brittany 2x16kg Long Cycle 103 reps (1st place) & 24kg OALC 101 reps (1st place)

Thanks to my team for putting up with me as I learn how to become a better coach and big congratulations for all of your hard work that resulted in amazing sets! 

I’m accepting applicants for my online coaching program. For enquiries please email info@kbfitbritt.com. 


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