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KB Workshops


Want to learn the “secret” to lasting 10 minutes with a kettlebell?

Take your skills to the next level by learning the basic technique and nuances of Kettlebell Sport events, Long cycle (clean and jerk), Jerk and Snatch. Whether or not you are interested in competing, Kettlebell Sport will amp up your workout routine with a whole new set of challenges.

Contact to schedule a Kettlebell Sport workshop at your facility.


What does the workshop cover?

  • Technique for all the basic kettlebell lifts: swing, clean, press, push press, jerk, long cycle, snatch.
  • How to build the endurance required for a 10 minute set.
  • Nuances of body position, weight shift, and breathing pattern.
  • How to avoid ripping your hand in the kettlebell Snatch.
  • Why Kettlebell Sport training is one of the fastest, most efficient workouts and its carryover to other facets of fitness.
  • Mobility and accessory training for kettlebells.
  • The best way to program kettlebell training for competition.
  • Proper progression of training to avoid injury.

Here’s what people have to say about my coaching:

“Brittany van Schravendijk is a leader in the sport as an athlete and teacher, with training experience next to great lifters and coaches. The Snatch workshop with Brittany is an experience worth having. There were many golden nuggets that we walked away with and now utilize in our practice and curriculum at Girya Garage. No matter how many hours or years you have under your belt, take the opportunity to work with Brittany and see the results for yourself.” – Will Parker, owner of Girya Garage

“Thank you so much for everything! From the great instruction today, to the extra work you put into the training program you wrote for me! It’s one thing to be a master at your skill, but you are so gifted in how you are able to also teach that skill. I learned so much today.” – Jodee M.

“In just a short afternoon session, Brittany’s snatch workshop provided great insight into this lift. The emphasis on tips and techniques were incredibly valuable and have already made an impact on my lifting. She is an approachable and enthusiastic instructor and I would highly encourage others to take her workshop! Lift more efficiently with KB Fit Britt!” – Cindy F.

“Working with Brittany for a recent clinic at Surf City Fit Club was one of the best fitness experiences I’ve ever had. Being a newbie, all the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Brittany found time to individually help every person there! (By no means a small group). Most of all, it was fun. I wanted to learn more and the grips/breathing/holds I learned made me excited for competition. I’m absolutely finding another clinic or class to take!” – Laura P.

“I attended Brittany’s Kettlebell Snatch workshop in Austin, Texas on May 25.  What a great workshop! Brittany explained and demonstrated the body movement and breathing for Snatch.  Brittany spent time watching each person lift and talking them through technique. As an older lifter, I truly appreciated the time she spent with each person individually.” – Nikki T.

“I took a kettlebell workshop with Brittany in Huntington Beach. I am brand new to the sport and had never really done any of the movements before the workshop. Brittany was precise with instruction and was tuned in and aware of body mechanics to see exactly what I was doing right and wrong. She gave clear corrections to improve form in the movements. I had a lot of fun and look forward to possibly pursuing competitions in the future.” – Heidi S.

“Brittany’s kettlebell workshop was so much fun! She fit right in and made everyone feel comfortable right away. I’ve been swinging bells around for 6-7 months and she definitely helped my confidence and technique without making me feel like I was doing something wrong. Loved it!” – Maria D.

“I really enjoyed your snatch workshop. What made the class so great was you took the time to watch how each person snatched. I appreciated the individual attention that was given to each of us. We received good guidance on form and technique! Thank you!” – Wanda H.

“I recently took a Kettlebell Sport workshop let by Coach Brittany. While I’ve been working out with kettlebells for six years, sport is a whole different beast and I was looking to learn something new. Brittany broke things down into the basics, everything from hand grip to breathing technique. As someone who tends to hurt myself for getting after things a little too hard, I appreciated Brittany’s emphasis on technique and form. She gave each of the participants individualized attention and by the end we were doing some short snatch and jerk cycles. Loved learning a new style of lifting and I am excited to get after it in one of Coach Britt’s classes! Highly recommend a workshop with Coach Britt for anyone interested in learning Kettlebell Sport.” – Katie M.

“Brittany was terrific at pointing out minute movements and techniques to help improve my lifts. I’m confident that by keeping her tips in mind I will be able to prevent injuries. I’ve already noticed a difference when I practice! Britt is awesome and I’m so glad I took her workshop!” – Debbie M.

Contact to schedule a Kettlebell Sport workshop at your facility.

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7 thoughts on “KB Workshops”

  1. Hi Britt – Where are you located? My trainer just got me into kettle bell sport. We live in Madison, WI. Thanks! Chrissi

    1. Hi Chrissi!

      I live in San Diego, California. Who is your trainer? I’d love to get in contact with him/her or the facility you are at to see if they’d be interested in a workshop!

      1. Sorry! I just saw your reply… I go to Functional Integrated Training in Fitchburg, WI. The owner probably wouldn’t want a workshop because there are only 2 of us that do KB sport and a good friend of his is a master of sport:(.
        I actually was thinking of maybe one day going to a workshop myself. San Diego is a little far. I have kids I cannot leave right now:). Are there any good instructional videos?

        1. Well if it starts to get bigger, let me know… we can drum up enough interest I think! I love to help grow the sport in new areas. Who is the Master of Sport your coach knows?

          I’m planning a workshop in Virginia next spring/summer – that’s a bit closer than San Diego.
          As for instructional videos, I have a few..

          Kettlebell swing:
          Kettlebell jerk:
          Kettlebell clean:
          Kettlebell snatch:

          Let me know if there’s anything specific you need help with and I’ll work on a post!

          1. I *think* his name is BJ but I don’t know his last name:)

            Thanks for the links! I am really really loving the workouts. I picked up the sport at the suggestion of the owner of our gym because he thought I had some potential. I have been a chronic cardio victim – 5 IM triathlons – 4 of those in a row. I am changing focus to strength now. I was disappointed that I did not qualify for the IM world championships this last go around and was completely burnt out!

  2. Yes. I think that is him!

    I wish there was someone in Madison that could instruct me. I feel like I was given a workout, a set of kb, and left alone. Every now and then someone pops by and sees what I am doing but not much instruction. I am asked how many I did and then asked to go faster.

    I guess this is my 8th week. I train 3x week. I started at 10kg and can now do 16kg for the snatch. My gut tells me I should stay with a lighter weight, like 12kg, and try to perfect my form. But I don’t know what that is.

    Long cycle is hard for me because I don’t think I have the mobility in my shoulders for a good jerk.

    Before my workout today, I will watch those videos!!!


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