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“Brittany trained my son privately for sport specifc workouts.  She researched what was needed for stand up paddleboard racing and tailored perfect workouts for him.  She wasted no time, kept a quick pace, was tough when needed and yet I heard them laughing too.  Always a good sign when working with teens.  He looks forward to his training with Brittany, even though he knows it will be tough and he will be drenched with sweat at the end.  We are so pleased with the results.  She is organized, accomplished, fierce, energetic and asks nothing she wouldn’t do herself.  We highly recommend Brittany for personal training for any age.”

-Renee Hoyer-Nielsen


“Brittany is more than just an intelligent trainer who can help you achieve all of your fitness goals, she is a wonderful human being all around!  Her compassion is exceptional.  I am fortunate to have experienced not only Brittany’s wit and work ethic, but also her empathy for people at levels of health. She brought many smiles to our clients in her role as a Staff Trainer in our organization.

As a kettlebell sport athlete, Brittany is one of the best students I have ever coached.  She excelled quickly due to her dedication and passion for progress.  I am certain she will bring the same level of commitment to you as well!”

-Steven Khuong, owner of Ice Chamber and head coach of ICKB


“Working with Brittany, as both her manager, friend , teammate and sometimes even client has been a truly rewarding experience. Britt cares very much about her clients and encourages them in every way she can. Britt loves to celebrate the victories her clients achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate everything Brittany has taught me as a manager and the effort she provides to help her clients meet their goals now and in the future. You will not only be glad to have Brittany as your trainer but as your friend.. I know I am!”

-Jessica DiBiase, founder of KettleGuard and first American female Master of Sport in Long Cycle

“I made some measurable progress and I am happy for that. But, you helped me so much more than that. I felt like I was at the point in my life where I could ‘coast’. I felt like I was old and my active stuff was behind me. I was no longer the strongest man in the world. I met you and you are a champion.  It was great to train with you and see your perspective. Your positive attitude, encouragement, determination and commitment were refreshing. Thank you for all that.”

-Doug Z., 54, Personal Training client


“Over the past several years, I have come to know Brittany as my group instructor, kettlebell sport teammate, and friend. Her passion and knowledge for fitness is evident through the enthusiastic energy she always brings to her classes, her encouraging and positive demeanor, and her own second-to-none work ethic. I highly recommend her!”

-Sayaka Torra,  31, 2008 Olympian, Judo 7x Senior National Champion, 5th Degree Black Belt


“When I came to Brittany for training, I was unhealthy and depressed. She asked me what I wanted to do and how much time I had to do it. Even though I only had 20-30 minutes a day and no gym access, she wrote me workouts that were challenging, diverse and easy to learn. Her approach and empathetic guidance in fitness got me into the best physical shape of my life and brought me out of my depression. While I have since moved and changed jobs, I continue to utilize the workouts and exercises Brittany taught me to maintain my fitness. For this I will always be grateful!”

-Robin Perera, 26, Personal Training client


“I had the pleasure of working with Brittany for just over three years. Brittany’s has amazing ability to program a workout for her clients to complement what they do outside of the gym whether you are sports specific or a weekend warrior… Aside from her personal training sessions and group classes – it’s her humor and love for her work that sets her apart from other trainers. In addition she has an impressive background in competitive Kettlebell lifting!”

-Sara Nelson, Program Director at Ice Chamber Athletics and Master of Sport

“When I first met Brittany, I couldn’t stand her. She was always standing over my shoulder. Telling me what to do. Correcting my grip or my stance. Pushing me to do one more rep. Now I love her! For all those same reasons. She was an invaluable coach and supporter as I changed my fitness attitudes, practices and abilities. I am grateful to have worked with her and will always welcome the chance to do so again! I can’t recommend her enough. ”

-Kate F., 44, member of Ice Chamber bootcamp

“Brittany, you are so awesome.  I’m so thankful and appreciative of your workouts and support. Track workouts always seemed so intimidating to me.  I am always scared mentally but now I am so curious about how my [marathon] performance will change.”

– Sylvia W., Marathoner

“Brittany pushes you past your greatest expectations of what you can do and finds new ways to help improve your technique of lifting.”

-Miranda Robbeloth, 15, Junior American Record Holder in 20kg Long Cycle

“Brittany is an amazing coach and trainer. Her fun personality will keep you motivated and inspired to set new goals. Her workouts are challenging and entertaining.”

-Rylee Reeves, 14, Junior American Record Holder in 16kg Snatch

“Have you tried doing a wall squat for 3 minutes? How about every day for a month? Or how about a balancing challenge, every day for a month, each leg of course. Ever row for 1 or 2 hours, for the challenge, for an entire month? You might end up doing this and more because Brittany has an infectious talent for getting others involved. This is only a glimpse at the many contributions Brittany brings to the gym. She is also a dedicated personal trainer, never giving in to cries of agony or moans and groans. Brittany was a spark for us all at the Ice Chamber gym!”
-Ann Bower, 57, member of Ice Chamber bootcamp
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